The day is finally here! Chasing Fireflies is OFFICIALLY ON SALE. Give me a moment, I need to pinch myself! Yup, it’s definitely real. For those of you who have pre-purchased a copy, thank you – I hope it arrives in your kindle or in your mail safe and sound! Also a huge thank youContinue reading “RELEASE DAY: CHASING FIREFLIES”

Criticism and How to Respond to a Negative Review

This week, I wanted to talk a little about criticism. Let’s face it, criticism is unavoidable in almost any field of work, especially in the creative disciplines, and in the current age of the internet, it’s positively rampant thanks to the safety of anonymity. The reason creative disciplines are such common targets is because theyContinue reading “Criticism and How to Respond to a Negative Review”

Chasing Fireflies Kindle Now Available for Pre-Order!

As of October 5th, the Kindle e-book of Chasing Fireflies can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Click this link, or check out what people are saying about the book on Goodreads. Softcover copies will be available for purchase on the 25th. At this time, I just wanted to take a moment to emphasize the importance ofContinue reading “Chasing Fireflies Kindle Now Available for Pre-Order!”

The Search for the Best Halloween Read

This past week, I went on the hunt for the best spooky story I could find to mark this Halloween season. Disclaimer: I’m not claiming to be a horror aficionado. In fact, I tend to avoid horror because I hate being scared. I am a massive scaredy-cat, and never understood the thrill of fear. However,Continue reading “The Search for the Best Halloween Read”

The Reality Behind Fight Scenes

We’ve all experienced the thrill of epic battles, high-speed car chases and gut-clenching gun fights on the big screen. Explosions, sound effects and a plethora of camera techniques come together to create a kaleidoscopic visual experience that sets off an explosive adrenaline rush, but when it comes to those same action sequences in books…things canContinue reading “The Reality Behind Fight Scenes”

How to Write Romantic Chemistry

I have been working on a new project for the past couple of months, and as with most of my pieces, the story contains an element of romance. Depending on your personal taste, you might be cringing in anticipation of sentimental dribble and tawdry sex appeal. And yes, romance can be these things (and that’sContinue reading “How to Write Romantic Chemistry”

The Unreliable Narrator: A Look at Colleen Hoover’s VERITY

This week I read Colleen Hoover’s psychological thriller, Verity, a book that had me reaching for a glass of scotch to sip whilst digesting the peculiar and somewhat horrific ending. For those of you who haven’t read it, please be warned that this post will contain spoilers, so do not venture beyond this point ifContinue reading “The Unreliable Narrator: A Look at Colleen Hoover’s VERITY”

Writing Workshop V

Editing the First Draft Congratulations! You made it! You battled the writing slumps, the self-doubts, the roadblocks, and now, at long last, you can proudly say you have completed a whole first draft of a book. Can we just pause for a minute and revel in this amazing accomplishment? Because it is HUGE. Seriously, IContinue reading “Writing Workshop V”