The day is finally here! Chasing Fireflies is OFFICIALLY ON SALE. Give me a moment, I need to pinch myself! Yup, it’s definitely real.

For those of you who have pre-purchased a copy, thank you – I hope it arrives in your kindle or in your mail safe and sound! Also a huge thank you to all my ARC readers who have posted reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Reviews are essential to an author’s success, so if you are looking for a way to help support me, write a review! Share it with your friends, or recommend it on your social media. I will be holding a draw for a signed hardcover copy of Chasing Fireflies. To enter, you just have to post a review on Amazon between October 10th and November 1st (send a copy of the review to

This week, I will be posting once a day, so drop by for some special book-release content, including Chasing Fireflies recipes, a special book soundtrack, and information on future books! Hope to see you again, friends!


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