Chasing Fireflies – The Soundtrack

It’s an age-old argument: Which is better, books or movies? For me, it’s a draw. I love them both, though for different reasons. One can immerse you in the thoughts of the characters, the other provides a visual masterpiece. One is a silent escape, the other is something you can share over a bowl of popcorn with friends. However, one thing I think movies can lord over books is the soundtrack. Music in the pulse of a film. It can affect a scene so much, it can turn a pastoral paradise into something horrifically sinister (think Midsommer (2019)). Sadly, books don’t have this advantage. That hasn’t stopped me from trying, of course. I’ve always enjoyed giving the books I’ve read their own soundtracks, and now that Chasing Fireflies is available for purchase, I wanted to share the soundtrack I put together after I finished writing it. I hope it adds to the reading experience!

  1. Against the Wind – Bob Seager
  2. Seventeen – Alessia Cara
  3. Hey World – Michael Franti
  4. Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas
  5. Die Young – Kesha
  6. Mean – Taylor Swift
  7. Love Songs Ain’t For Us – Amy Shark
  8. Imagine – Ben Platt
  9. It Must Have Been Love – Maria Mena
  10. Amen – Amber Run
  11. Run – Leona Lewis

Find it on Spotify here!

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