Book Launch Release Date!

Let’s pop a cork and pour the champagne, because I now have the release date for my debut! I am in serious need of a fan and a fainting couch right now. Cue Mrs. Bennett hollering for Hill to bring her the smelling salts.

Okay, okay. Here it goes…

I am thrilled to announce that Chasing Fireflies will be released:


That’s just four months from now! Four short, nail-biting months! Now, it wasn’t a completely random choice. In fact, there were several factors that helped me determine the best date. For one, I needed about four months just to work on promoting the book. There is a HUGE amount of work that goes into preparing for a book launch – I actually think it was easier to write the book than it will be to market it. I’m talking reviews, sneak-peaks, interviews. The list goes on. I would have stretched the wait out longer and released in January, but I wanted to launch before the holidays so that the book would be available for purchase through the months of November and December (Christmas presents, anyone?) It’s a very pretty gift. My designer, Vikki, did a spectacular job, don’t you think?

Also, my birthday is in October, so I figure it’s a bit of a lucky month. Fingers crossed! If you are a book blogger, or a book reviewer, and you’d like to request an ARC, you can go to, find my book, and voila! A pre-publication copy will be delivered into your hot little hands!

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